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Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Season of Soccer Mom

I suspect this is the last soccer season my son will be shorter than me. He’s been monitoring the gap between us for several years now, and it’s closing quicker than I ever imagined it could.
Dry leaves shower me and scuttle over the metal bleachers where I sit.
I’m one of few moms here tonight. It’s dinner time and I should be home getting ours ready. But his father came home from work just as we were leaving for practice, so his little sisters didn’t have to come with us, and he asked if I would stay and watch instead of dropping him off.
Often I say, “I can’t.”
Tonight I said I would.
These boys.
They’re not really straddling the line between childhood and manhood, but sprinting over it so fast that they and the line and the earth around them all blur.
Rain sprinkles now, down from the dark clouds that roll across the sky, pushed ahead of the autumn wind that makes October just this way.
This season is not forever.
No season ever is.


  1. I'm sitting in the presence of my sons and their sons. Oh, the experience of hearing my son's acerbic humor come out of a 9 year old making us all laugh is indescribable. Seasons do revisit; the leaves are slightly rearranged! XO

  2. "Watch me, Mom, watch me. Watch this, Mom, watch me." How our children hunger for our attention...and approval. Your words take me back to when my children were young...and eager to please, even in the midst of pushing me away, craving independence. You're right, the seasons go by too quickly.
    Your words are a beautiful reminder of what the important things are.

  3. I'm greatly enjoying the current season of our boys lives; just wishing they could linger there an extra month or year. Not in any hurry for them to grow taller than me.