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Friday, December 18, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies Are Coming!

     As the Troop Cookie Manager for one of my daughters’ Girl Scout troops, I’m deep in the thick of Girl Scout Cookie Season prep this week. And since so many of you have told me, “Let me know when I can order Girl Scout Cookies!” I am now letting you know: You can order Girl Scout Cookies starting on Monday, December 21, 2015.
So now’s the time to find a Girl Scout and procure as many boxes of Girl Scout Cookie goodness as your heart (or your tummy) desires. But if you don’t know of a Girl Scout in your neighborhood, don’t despair! Girl Scout Cookies are nearby, I promise. (Unless you live alone on an undeveloped island in the South Pacific or something. In which case, I feel little pity that you can’t snag a box or two of Thin Mints. Your life is sweet enough already.)
Your local Girl Scouts will be hitting the pavement to take initial orders starting December 21, 2015, but if they miss you when they come by your house because in salivating desperation for cookies you’re actually out searching for a Girl Scout, take heart! You can still find a salesperson without too much effort on your part.
How to Find a Girl Scout From Whom to Order Cookies
·      Put a sign on your door that reads, “I need Thin Mints! Call me at 555-867-5309!”
·      Send a message out via any list-serve or email group to which you belong, which reads, “I must have Trefoils! Does anyone know a Girl Scout?!?”
·      Post a message on Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn that reads, “I’m jonesing for Tagalongs! Can anyone connect me with a Girl Scout?!?”
·      Stagger around your office moaning, “Do-Si-Dos! Do-Si-Dos!” in hopes of finding someone with a daughter who is a Girl Scout.
·      Stand in the middle of your front yard and cry, “Samoas! I need Samoas!” (I can’t speak to the effectiveness of this strategy, but you can always give it a shot.)
Booth Sales, Too!
Starting the weekend of February 19, 2016, Girl Scout Cookie Booths will open! These are the Girl Scout Cookie-laden tables you find outside participating businesses where you can buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies and snarf the contents immediately if you so choose.
“But how do I find a Girl Scout Cookie Booth?” you ask? By using the totally awesome, space-age, who’d-have-thought-it-could-be-this-simple? Girl Scout Cookie Locator App! Downloadable at the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store, you simply use your Smartphone’s GPS or enter your zip code to find the nearest Girl Scout Cookie Booth. Could it get any easier?

Why Girl Scout Cookies?
Because they’re amazingly delicious, of course.
Oh, and because the girls who sell them learn how to run a business, manage money, interact with customers, and set goals. It’s a win-win for all involved. The proceeds raised from Girl Scout Cookie sales help fund programs and activities at the troop, local, state, and national levels that help Girl Scouts learn, grow, and achieve their dreams.
So Be On the Lookout!
At a cookie booth last year a customer told us, “The holiday season starts in December, when Girl Scout Cookie sales open, and ends sometime in March, when the last booth closes and the last Girl Scout Cookie is eaten.”
So as we approach the holidays, please be on the lookout for Girl Scouts with order forms.
And remember, if you don’t stock up now, you’ll be weeping into your empty box of Thin Mints until next December.

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