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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Not a Political Blog Post: Election 2016

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The scariest and potentially least value-generating way to start writing something, in my opinion, is when you don’t know where you’re headed, or what your ultimate point is going to be. It’s an even more unfortunate situation when you’re not nearly an expert, or even as well-informed as you should be, on the subject you’re tackling. But, here I go.
Trump vs. Hillary?
Great God in Heaven, I don’t know. Voting for either one feels like loading up your dinner plate with something the cat regurgitated because your only other choice is serving what the dog barfed up. Friends and family members whom I adore and respect—as well as acquaintances and strangers I neither adore nor respect—are lined up at the voting booths on both sides of the red/blue divide, and they all have a smorgasbord of both reasonable and questionable arguments for their choice of candidate. There are a lot of foolish people around the country, making ill-considered and short-sighted decisions, but there are also a lot of wise, thoughtful, and honorable folks making the same decisions for more defensible reasons.
As a person who believes in the sovereignty of God, I have to fall back on what I know. Namely, God doesn’t need my vote to put whomever he wants in the White House or anywhere else. Sovereignty means God can do whatever he wants whenever he wants. That’s not an excuse for abandoning my civic duty or throwing up my hands in surrender, however. Rather, it leads me to suspect that God is much more interested in why I vote for a candidate than for whom I vote, the former of which is an equally and perhaps even more significant matter.
I don’t believe that either Hillary or Trump fill God’s bill for godly—or even meaningful—leadership. Why they seem to be our inevitable options is a mystery to me. But sometimes God lets us live with the consequences of our choices, and there’s a big, long, wide, ugly road behind us here in the U.S., chock-a-block full of choices the American people have made—corporately and individually—which have nothing to do with godliness, goodness, mercy, or wisdom.
I also believe that God never requires anyone to make a choice where A and B are the only options, but C is the right answer.
There’s my conundrum. I don’t know what C is when it comes to this upcoming election.
But I know there is a C, even if it’s simply choosing A or B for a different reason than, “This candidate says s/he’ll give me what I want for myself.”
So as we march forward to November, and things look bleaker and scarier and more unbelievable by the day, here’s what I’m going to do: keeping asking God, “What’s C? What’s the right answer? What do you want from me with respect to this?”
Your answer may be very different from mine. And they both may be right when it comes to our obedience to God.
Because God is neither a Democrat, nor a Republican, nor even an American.
Now that’s something to think about.

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