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Friday, July 8, 2016

The Best Beauty Advice You'll Get All Year

Photo by Super Beijing

How can you improve your appearance, right now, today, this very minute? And without spending a single red-hot dime of your hard-earned cash?
Stop examining all the parts of yourself that you don’t like, and start appreciating the parts you do.
I’m probably the last person on earth others turn to for fashion or beauty advice. One of my favorite tweets EVER came from @amydillon who wrote, “My personal style can best be described as ‘didn’t expect to get out of the car’.” Woman after my own pajama-clad heart, that one is.
But a few years ago I realized that every time I passed a mirror my eyes went straight to my “trouble spots”, which is an American euphemism for “parts of my body that were not germinated by a Norwegian supermodel and did not manage to get themselves filtered and airbrushed before they exited the bathroom”.
I wished away my birthed-three-kids abdomen. I loathed my weird-shaped forehead that smacked into concrete pavement when I was five and suffered the brunt of chicken pox at twenty-five. My eyes shot daggers at the 12%-humidity-makes-my-do-go-Medusa hair exploding from my scalp. And I walked away from every encounter with my own reflection ever more convinced that these flaws rendered me permanently, and irredeemably, coyote ugly.
But then I remembered that I do occasionally get the odd compliment.
I have long-ish legs.
My skin looks a fair bit younger than it should. (I knew I’d be glad I never picked up smoking or sun-worshipping.)
And the pregnancies that fat-bombed my tummy did the same thing to a couple of my lady parts that formerly required push-up articles of apparel and/or well-placed, balled-up tube socks to create even the suggestion of hillocks under my T-shirt.
Why didn’t I ever take note of these things when I looked at myself?
So I started.
It was magic, people. Pure magic.
Ladies—and gentlemen, too—I challenge you to try it for two weeks. Heck, even one week. Every time you look in the mirror, put your eyes on something you like about yourself, and keep them completely off the stuff you’d change if you could. It’ll change your life.
100% money-back guarantee.

This is probably the only beauty tip you’ll ever get from Wasting My Education. But you never know what you’ll find here unless you SIGN UP!