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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Exciting Book News from Maria Keffler

I'm pleased to announce that all five books by Maria Keffler are now available in both digital and print versions at Amazon:

The DRAWN Series:

What if you could make things happen just by drawing them?

Ebook ($4.99) & Paperback ($13.89)

Artistic prodigy Juliet Brynn wants to survive 1982 with as little social torture as possible. But then her sketches start to come true and Damon Sheppard, a boy with a troubled past, shows her worlds she never knew existed. When unthinkable trauma strikes, will Damon and her prophetic gift prove as catastrophic as some predict, or can they impart Juliet the power to make everything right again?

Ebook ($4.99) & Paperback ($13.89)
Juliet Brynn’s life looks nothing like it did. Her parents divorced and split up the family. Poor, alone, and shattered by others' choices, Juliet has only Damon to bridge the two halves of her life. But when her one refuge is ripped away, she must confront the power that grants her The Gift of Artistic Prophecy, and which demands her loyalty even as it seems determined to destroy her future.

Ebook ($4.99) & Paperback ($13.89)

Juliet hasn’t seen Damon in nearly three years, or heard from him after the devastating letter his new soul mate sent her. When the chance of a new life in Chicago appears, free of her shattered family and haunting memories, Juliet resolves to let nothing get in her way. But whispers of love resurface and she must choose between her heart and a destiny that something doesn’t want her to find.

Drawn (Book I) is currently offered as a free digital download at Smashwords.

For reviews and more information about the DRAWN Series, please visit its website at
OTHER BOOKS by Maria Keffler

Ebook ($2.99) & Paperback ($5.89)
Concussive diaper explosions and aircraft lavatories. (The Mile-High Club just isn’t the same thing after kids.) Death, destruction and debt. (How can a child be born $1800 in the hole?) Sibling rivalries of biblical proportions. (“I’m telling God!” “Oh yeah? I’m telling Mom!”) Sometimes the experience of training up kids seems more akin to experiencing a train wreck.

Ebook ($3.99) & Paperback ($11.89)

An orphaned Hebrew princess disguises herself as an exiled peasant. A Babylonian slave chooses between the courage that could save her and despair over the love she has lost. A sorceress discovers the truth behind the origins of her dark power. The consequences of the masters they choose will reverberate through generations.

Wasting My Education

I've also happily embarked on year three of my blog, Wasting My Education, where you'll find stories like:
"Those who occupy the chairs around my dining room table have two options when it comes to meals: take it or leave it."
"But honestly, it seems like a useful and honorable profession. (Tarantula milking, I mean.)"
"You’ve misunderstood the difference between freedom to and freedom from."
"The natives are restless. Cabin fever settled in like Uncle Eddie’s RV four days ago. Fighting has escalated to the brink of bone damage, scalping, and bloodshed. It’s time to homeschool."

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Thank you for all of the support and encouragement you've given me during my writing journey so far. I wish you all the happiest of new years, and may 2017 bring peace, joy, and blessing to you and your household!

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