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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Shooting Relativism's Sacred Cow

Prior to the 2016 election I enjoyed a fairly even split of friends, about half on the conservative/traditional side and half toward the liberal and/or relativist end. Over the last few years—and especially during the last seven months—I’ve been losing more and more of the latter. After reading this the few I still have left will probably dump me.
So be it. I’m not pulling punches to keep from hurting anyone’s tender and unchallenged feelings.
That’s the rabid relativist’s sacred cow, and the morality (sense of right/wrong) that defines a relativist as I’ll use the term here:
No one has the right to question anyone else’s ‘truth’.
This morality shows up in mantras like Kindness, Tolerance, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equality. All laudable concepts, mostly stripped of real meaning thanks to the woke warrior’s determination never to offend or tolerate anyone offending him.
(And just so you know, I’m going with he/his/himself as gender-universal pronouns, because I’m old-grammar-school and not ashamed of it.)
Sex-ed in the public school is where I fight most of my battles these days, and where relativists and I butt heads a lot. I see school boards & administrators forcibly inserting junk like masturbation, anal sex, and abortion messaging into younger and younger kids’ classrooms, and I see the wholesale rape of children’s innocence and future sexual well-being. People who disagree with me claim that “kids are having sex, and anyway we have to prepare them for what’s out in the real world.”
But there’s one question I keep asking people who defend things like Drag Queen Story Hour, teaching kids that anatomy has no correlation to one’s sex, and giving schools greater authority than parents over children’s sexual upbringing, which up until this week not one has ever answered:
“Is there any sexuality topic you’d consider off-limits for the classroom?”
My detractors go silent on this question, I believe because deep down they know there is a line. They know some things are too evil, ugly, and reprehensible to introduce to children. But they also know they’ll be eaten by their own if they admit there’s a line, or worse suggest where such a line might lie. They’ve seen the shark-feeding-frenzies that happen to people like me who do.
But I pushed a relativist in an online discussion last week and you know what she finally answered? “No. There’s nothing we shouldn’t show kids.”
Really, madam?
I asked if that meant she’d be okay with a teacher queuing up child porn, bestiality, and snuff videos on the Smart board.
Crickets again.
The hardcore relativist is not permitted by his peers to judge anything as right or wrong, good or bad, healthy or destructive, because in having judged something or someone he will immediately be cut from the team. The litmus test to join the relativists’ club is that one has no position on others’ positions.
Right now I’d imagine any longsuffering relativists who’ve stuck with me this long are arguing, “No! Relativism is about Kindness, Tolerance, Diversity, Inclusion, Equality!”
No, it’s not.
If it were there would be ample room in the relativism worldview for people who disagree with it.
Instead, relativists’ vociferous intolerance of anyone who believes in a truth that’s culturally inconvenient reveals that they are actually quite judge-y. They’ve funneled all of their intolerance away from difficult questions that might make them unpopular with their tribe, and dumped it like a truckload of steaming manure on top of anyone who’s willing to be unpopular in the service of truth. It’s how some relativists rationalize labeling anyone who disagrees with them as bigots, haters, and whatever-phobes.
Truth is, relativists make judgments between mutually exclusive statements every day:

Male and female are the only genders.
There is a spectrum of infinite genders.
There is one true God.
There could be many gods. Or no god.
It is not good for children to have sex.
It is good for everyone to have sex.
Marriage is between one man and one woman.
Marriage can be whatever anyone wants it to be.
Truth exists. Everything else is a lie.
There’s no such thing as truth or lies.

Not every relativist would check all of the statements that are check-marked above, but neither is he likely to argue with those who do. That he holds a sense of morality contrary to the hedonism of the culture is a deep, dark secret he only comes close to revealing when he says, “I may not agree with you but I will defend to the death (but not to the death of my career or reputation) your right to your opinion.”
Unless that opinion has the audacity to claim that someone else’s might be in error.
Michael Ramsden, the pragmatic apologist, put it this way: “If someone tells you there is no such thing as truth, he is asking you not to believe him.”
Well, I don’t believe relativists who claim that I have no right to judge anyone else’s “truth” (i.e., opinion). I not only have a right but I have a moral and intellectual obligation to do so, because someone else’s position is either true and I should (for the sake of moral and intellectual integrity) align with it, or it’s a lie and I should (for the sake of moral and intellectual integrity) identify it as such.
And when it looks and smells like cow manure, I’m going to call it that.
Whether my position offends relativists or not.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A Few Questions For "I'm Your Mom Now"

[The following post is from the parent of a child who identifies as transgender.]

Hey, “I’m Your Mom Now”:
That’s sweet that you want to give my kid a hug because you think I’m a lousy parent and should be replaced by you.
Are you also going to feed this kid all his meals from now on? pack his lunch for school every day? buy him clothes? drive him to his activities? pay his activity fees? cover his library fines? buy his medication? replace the retainer he lost? Are you going to attend the parent-teacher conferences? field calls from the teacher, the principal, the school clinic? take care of the hermit crab he brought home from a trip to the beach with friends and then lost interest in?
Were you there back when he got pushed off the swing and came running to Mom for comfort and justice? Did you take him to the pediatrician when he ran a 104-degree fever, or when he fell off the jungle gym and hit his head on the way down? Did you clean it up when he barfed all over his bed—or all over you—in the middle of the night? Did you get the ketchup out of his favorite white shirt? Did you mediate fights with his siblings? Did you cover for him so his dad thought you were the one who broke the remote?
Did you teach him how to use the toilet? make scrambled eggs? do long division? slow dance? write an essay? a check? a cover letter?
Will you be putting him on your car insurance? health insurance? life insurance? paying for college?
Are you going to be there for him, years after people like you tell him, “You should absolutely pump your body full of synthetic hormones and surgically alter your genitals,” when he grows up and wakes up and realizes he’s infertile, incontinent, and incapable of experiencing sexual pleasure? when he’s devastated and angry and asking you why you didn’t protect him from himself and from society because that was your job as his mom?
Nope. I know where you’ll be then. You’ll be on to hugging the next confused and misled kid, demonstrating your valiant wokeness in the public square, telling yourself that you’re the real mom and that those of us fighting with everything we have to save our children from people like you are bigoted and hateful and bad parents.
You’re not my kid’s mom. You never were and you never will be. Go screw up your own kid’s life and stay away from mine. I’m not his problem. You are.

If you or your child need help responding to the transgender narrative, know that you're not alone. These organizations can help:

The Kelsey Coalition

Parents of ROGD Kids

Arlington Parent Coalition
Transgender Trend
The Parent Resource Guide: Educating & Equipping Parents to Respond (Free Download)

Saturday, October 19, 2019

From a Kelsey Coalition Mom

Your beloved child has been kidnapped by a sadistic cult.
The cult brainwashes her to believe you are the enemy.
The brainwashing erases her entire childhood.
Every good memory is replaced with memories of abuse that never happened.
The cult convinces her to inject poison in her body and to get her healthy body parts amputated.
You panic. You scream. You sob. You beg. You are reduced to nothing.
You search for help everywhere. Nobody will help. Nobody will stop the cult. In fact, the government investigates YOU and tells you to approve of what the cult is doing to your daughter.
The world has gone mad.
You find out the cult is kidnapping thousands of other young girls and boys.
And the government is funding the cult.
You grieve with other parents going through the exact same thing.
Society celebrates the cult and ridicules parents who fight back. Some parents are willingly handing their children over to the cult and cheering their child’s destruction.
The child you love with everything in you, the child you would die for, is now unrecognizable, replaced by someone who holds you in contempt. She is now part of the cult.
You sob day after day, night after night, wondering how many tears one human can cry.
You scream when you see her severed breasts and collapse, sobbing, “My God, my God, what have they done to my baby?”
You nearly drink yourself to death when you find out the cult cut out her entire reproductive system. “No No No No No NO NOOOOOOOOOO! They took my baby’s womb, they took her eggs. She doesn’t know any better. She’s still a little girl.”
You reach out to every government agency you can think of and every organization fighting the cult.
You think there is nothing more the cult can do to her.
You are wrong.
You fly to go see her, twice within 6 weeks, to beg and plead with her to not let the cult do this next terrible thing. You beg the cult to stop torturing your daughter. You beg authorities to help you.
Nobody will help your daughter.
You cannot stop it, so you beg, “Please don’t hurt my daughter. Here, take my arm instead. All of it if you need to. I don’t need it. Just take it.”
Your attempts are futile. You cannot stop the torture.
So you sit alone in a motel room, sobbing until you choke on your own tears, praying with everything in you, hugging a pillow, rocking back and forth, pretending it is your baby, while you softly sob a song, “You are my sunshine. My only sunshine…”
For a while, your mind is gone.
You call another mother who has a daughter whose breasts have been cut off by the cult.
You sob together.
Then you wait in a room, knowing that nearby, the sadistic cult is skinning and mutilating your baby. Sure, she’s legally an adult now but the stuffed animal you bought her yesterday that she picked out says otherwise.
Rage builds with each passing second and you contemplate what life in prison would be like. You now see very clearly what kind of things you are capable of. Fire boils through your veins, with bloody carnage dancing violently in your head. But she needs you now more than ever, so you can't....
This is just one mother, one child. There are thousands of more cult casualties. Daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews, cousins – all casualties of the sadistic cult. Oh, and let's not forget wives with suddenly stunning and brave husbands, all of the lesbians under attack, and the erasure of women's rights.
My beloved child was kidnapped by a sadistic cult. Will yours be next?


Today's guest post was written by a mother whose child believed transgender activism's lie that one can change sexes.
If you need help for yourself, your child, or someone else, please know that you’re not alone. The Kelsey Coalition, among many other groups dedicated to truth, health, and the protection of children, is fighting back.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

God & the Transgender Narrative

Image by Prawny

At last week’s Parent & Child Loudoun conference, Uncommon Knowledge: How Transgender Ideas Affect Our Children, the speaker panel was asked, “How do I respond to Christians who say that there’s nothing wrong with transgenderism?”
Very simply:
To accept transgender ideology—the notion that someone can be “born in the wrong body”— a person must believe one of three things about God:
1) God is cruel.
2) God is incompetent.
or 3) God doesn’t exist.
Let’s take a look at what these three perspectives reveal about our own theologies.
God Is Cruel
One of the claims that transgender rights activists frequently make to support belief in a gender spectrum (infinite genders), as opposed to a gender binary (male and female), is diversity. They argue that gender is like skin color or like the variety of animal species in nature. They assert that God—if they address God at all—isn’t a limited or limiting God, but a god who celebrates diversity in every aspect of his creation.
However, if God is sovereign and omnipotent (all-powerful), and he intentionally creates persons whose inner landscape (their “gender”) is mismatched to their outer landscape (their physical sex) then we can only conclude that God is cruel. To specifically design a creature whose mind and body are at odds with one another is to create a lack of integrity (here meaning integrated-ness, or symbiosis of the system) which must by definition cause the creature pain and suffering.
The transgender narrative explains this pain and suffering as a result of societal non-acceptance. But no matter what one experiences at the hands of others certainly the very state of existing at war with oneself creates its own inherent pain and lack of peace. To believe that God would deliberately curse someone to live in disharmony with himself, or be required to undergo extensive and life-long medicalization through human-handed surgery and hormone treatment in an attempt to achieve harmony, is to paint God as a sadist.
God Is Incompetent
Another explanation transgender activists offer, especially when indoctrinating young children—is that “God made a mistake.”
The Bible is clear on three points: God is omnipotent (all-powerful), God is omniscient (all-knowing), and God is omnipresent (all-seeing):
 “Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.” (Jeremiah 32:17)
“Who can fathom the Spirit of the LORD, or instruct the LORD as his counselor? Whom did the LORD consult to enlighten him, and who taught him the right way? Who was it that taught him knowledge, or showed him the path of understanding?” (Isaiah 40:13-14)
“Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence?” (Psalm 139:7)
To claim that God can err is to negate his power, perfection, and perception. We may rightly claim that sin has corrupted creation via man’s will to exalt himself as his own god, but to believe that God lacks the power or competence to initiate creation without flaw is to try to bring God down to man’s level, which can never be done by one who calls himself after the name of Christ—the son of God.
If a person believes that God is incompetent, that person does not subscribe to the most basic tenets of the Christian faith.
There Is No God
This is the only theological position in support of transgenderism that is intellectually honest.
If I do not believe in an ultimate creator and authority over that creation, I am free to be and do anything I want. This anti-theology is at the very heart of the transgender narrative: people are nothing but clay that can mold itself into any shape it desires. The clay was made by no one, has no meaning to its existence other than self-satisfaction, and owes nothing to anyone or anything outside itself.

As a gender-critical advocate dealing with school policy, the atheist position on transgender rights is the only one I can give respect, because its argument derives from the genuine belief that there is no such thing as ultimate truth. When working from that foundation (or lack of a foundation) transgender ideology is the logical conclusion to the question, “What is the sexual purpose of humankind?” The atheist’s answer: “Its own happiness.” Without the constraints of any kind of theology, nothing more can be required of a life than self-actualization.
But for someone who claims Christ as truth, affirming transgender ideology as acceptable requires denial of one’s own faith. It underscores a greater desire for self-satisfaction and/or approval from others than for approval from God. It points to the elevation of the self as its own god, and the relegation of God to irrelevance.
In the case of transgender ideology one is either for Christ or against Christ. Trying to ride the fence only drops a person on the latter side, no matter how passionately he claims the former.