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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Will the Church Choose to Be Relevant?

After months of pushing back with all our might, the local school board and administration have made it clear that they intend to keep funneling more transgender propaganda into our schools, introducing kindergarteners to sexual orientation, gender identity, and the possibility that who their bodies and their parents say they are isn’t really who they are. Our school system is doing this already, via activist teachers, counselors, and staff who are slipping rogue sex-ed into whatever curricula they can, which is surprisingly quite a lot. The school board and administration have now decided to codify this ideology in a policy implementation procedure that they’re launching in the fall, despite dissent from a large number of parents and community members who find it unacceptable.
I’m discouraged. I know discouragement isn’t where I should live. I know God is still in charge, and he isn’t blindsided by anything. But I’ll admit that I’m struggling to hold onto that in the face of everything else.
I’m not discouraged about the amount of active deception around this issue, nor about the depth of foolhardiness, shortsightedness, and hypocrisy among the pro-trans folks who crow about “love and acceptance for all” while hissing over public speakers whose message they don’t like and trashing with words I won’t print here anyone who questions them. I’m not discouraged by the barbs and nasty-grams I’ve had fired at me, or about the “friends” I’ve lost, or about becoming a pariah in my left-of-the-left, blue-to-the-core community.
I’m not discouraged that the committee which wrote the transgender position statement for the American Academy of Pediatricians is headed up by two doctors who work in gender clinics, and who therefore have financial incentive to drive children to gender clinics for medicalized transition, rather than to counselors or therapists for help getting comfortable with their natural bodies.
I’m not discouraged that the school board and administration are being deceptive and arrogant, and care more about their “optics” than about the children to whom they now refer as “customers.” I’m not discouraged that left-leaning publications and websites are suppressing debate by deleting comments (and petitions) they don’t like. I’m not discouraged that my colleagues and I are demonized for speaking truth and believing that biological facts are more valid than a nine-year-old’s feelings about her philosophical existentialism.
I’m not even discouraged to be “suffering” for a righteous cause.
Nope, none of that.
Instead I’m discouraged that a great many Bible-foundational churches—where is preached the valiance of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego; where is preached the blessing of God upon persecuted believers; where is preached the holy necessity of personal and sacrificial righteousness—won’t even put a blurb in their congregational newsletters about what’s happening in our public schools, or call for corporate prayer, or hold a fast, or do much of anything at all. They’re silent, they’re scared, and that’s discouraging for those of us on the front lines of this.
At the last school board meeting, where this policy was handed to the school board for implementation, forty speakers commented. More than three-quarters had been organized to speak for the pro-trans side, including a pastor from a local Presbyterian church.
No clergy stood up with us.
Does the Church have anything to say outside its own four walls? Is the Church still relevant to public life? What will the Church’s witness be to a world that already considers faith irrelevant, hypocritical, and outdated?
We’re all listening for the answer.