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Artistic prodigy Juliet Brynn just wants to survive 1982 with as little social torture as possible. But then her sketches start to come true and Damon Sheppard, a boy with a troubled past, shows her worlds she never knew existed and a power at work in the universe that forges paths into places most people choose never to go. When Juliet begins to shape the future by drawing it, she must discover the source of her newfound Power of Artistic Prophecy and the key to making it work. As everything she knows and loves is taken from her, she must learn to discern right from wrong, truth from deception, the honorable from the predatory. "I started to pray for help to come, for God to save us. Then I stopped. I swallowed another mouthful of my own blood. If God even existed, he obviously didn’t give a crap about me." When unthinkable trauma strikes, will Damon—and Juliet’s prophetic gift—prove as catastrophic as some predict, or can they impart her the power to make everything right again?

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Juliet Brynn’s life looks nothing like it did. Her parents divorced and split up the family. Poor, alone, and shattered by others' choices, Juliet has only Damon to bridge the two halves of her life. But when her one refuge is ripped away, she must confront the power that grants her The Gift of Artistic Prophecy, and which demands her loyalty even as it seems determined to destroy her future. “There’s really no relief for pain, is there? You either get it now, or you get it later. Or both. But you always get it. Pain makes absolutely freakin’ sure of that.” – Juliet Brynn must start her life over again in her newly-divorced mom’s run-down apartment, and at a new school where she knows no one. Nothing seems familiar or safe or invulnerable except Damon, who feels a world away back at Juliet’s old school on the other side of town. As her mother’s new relationship threatens Juliet’s tenuous hold on her own self-reliance, Juliet’s new friends cope with damaged families, broken hearts, and death in increasingly destructive ways. When Juliet finds herself completely alone in the world with no protections or safety nets, she must choose between the two paths before her: one leading to a dark future that makes no sense, and another that will take her to the only destination which promises to finally put an end to all her pain.

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Juliet hasn’t seen Damon in nearly three years, or heard from him after the devastating letter his new 'soul mate' sent her. When the chance of a new life in Chicago appears, free of her shattered family and haunting memories, Juliet resolves to let nothing get in her way. But whispers of love resurface and she must choose between her heart and a destiny that something doesn’t want her to find. “There’s some kind of malevolent force in the universe that throws curve balls at you when you’re about to start some great thing, head down a really important road.” Hap's words to Juliet echo through the past and her potential future as she strives for acceptance at the prestigious MacLaren School of Art, as well as works toward a summer internship that will take her far away from all the places full of painful memories that surround her at home. But when curve balls named Al and Josh and Adam pull her in other directions, she must decide where-- and with whom-- her future really lies.

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After waiting eight years to marry Damon Sheppard, Julie Brynn knows exactly what kind of wedding she wants. But as the date approaches and Julie’s mother turns into The Crazy-Maker, Damon and Julie make plans to elope. But will their choice be the final nail in the coffin of Julie’s relationship with her mother?

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40 Graces for Forgiveness: A Healing Journey chronicles a 40-day meditation on forgiveness as it relates to the character of Christ. Spending ten days each considering gifts of the Holy Spirit, attributes of Christ, personal attributes which are in opposition to Christ, and Christ’s walk to the cross, 40 Graces for Forgiveness: A Healing Journey follows the example of Jesus as he lived in holy relationship with others. Through forgiveness like his, we learn to become true disciples of Christ: those who do what he did. If you’ve found forgiveness a struggle too, this study may serve as a helpful launch pad for your own path toward healing. As we strive to walk out the words of the Lord’s Prayer—“forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”—we find freedom to be who God made us to be, and to do all we were created to do.

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An orphaned Hebrew princess disguises herself as an exiled peasant. A Babylonian slave chooses between the courage that could save her and despair over the love she has lost. A sorceress discovers the truth behind the origins of her dark power. The consequences of the masters they choose will reverberate through generations. As King Amel-Marduk reigns over Babylonia during the Israelites' exile there from 586-516 BC, three women choose their own paths along a history marked with tragedy, betrayal and injustice. Ziona hides from her past and fears that the God of her countrymen has abandoned her to a future as repugnant to her as it is coveted by her enemies. Gatha looks for the courage to speak the truth, and to choose either a foreign faith that promises an impossible hope, or a consuming despair over circumstances she can't change. Parva discovers the reality of her helplessness against the dark forces of a spirit world she gravely underestimated.

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Concussive diaper explosions and aircraft lavatories. (The Mile-High Club just isn’t the same thing after kids.) Death, destruction and debt. (How can a child be born $1800 in the hole?) Sibling rivalries of biblical proportions. (“I’m telling God!” “Oh yeah? I’m telling Mom!”) Sometimes the experience of training up kids seems more akin to experiencing a train wreck. Life with children is rarely predictable, idyllic, or sane. Maria Keffler's momoirs chronicle the misadventures of one wretched family, whose father and mother once upon a time asked themselves, “How hard can parenting really be?” A voyeuristic consolation for the familially downtrodden, as well as a cautionary tale for the na├»vely optimistic pre-parent, Year-In-Review confesses with therapeutic horror and humor that sometimes the best a family can do is smile, get in the minivan, and hope the neighbors had their windows closed.

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