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Thursday, January 4, 2018

How To Do Kids’ Thank-You Notes: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey!

Certainly everyone has gotten their Christmas thank-you notes sent by now.
If you haven’t yet, your choke-point may be trying to figure out how to manage all the kids’ notes. (Have I been reading your mail or what?)
A few years ago I finally sorted this out for myself. If kids are old enough to write even the simplest of misspelled sentences, they can do their own da** thank-you notes.
Yes, I’m quite serious.
Here’s how:

1. On a separate sheet of paper for each person in the family, make a list. Put what that person got in the right column, and who s/he got it from in the left column.

2. Count the total number of separate people to whom your family (altogether) needs to send thank-you notes. I.e., if Uncle Joe gave gifts to three kids in your family, he counts as one thank-you note.

3. Get exactly as many blank thank-you notes as your family needs, put a sticky-note strip on the front of each one with the name of its recipient, and lay these blank notes out in the middle of the table.

4. Put each child’s list at a separate place at the table, along with a pen.

5. Each child takes a thank-you note, writes a few sentences on it, signs it, puts that thank-you note back in the center of the table, crosses off that person from their list, and grabs another thank-you note.

6. After everyone has crossed every gift-giver off his/her list, the thank-you notes are sealed up, addressed, and mailed.

7. Pat yourself on the back for your superlative parenting skills. You taught your kids gratitude, good manners, and independence, with very little actual work on your own part. Boom!

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